Ember's Flame is a Finnish band blending Northern heritage shamanistic spirit with modernized classic rock.


The band was formed in 2009 by Sami, Pete, Teme and Jouni. We still remember how we worked on the band, building the overall sound and style… and spent countless nights at our rehearsal studio. All the particles took their places, things started to resonate the way we wanted and we were ready to take off as Ember’s Flame. ‎

We continued working on demos and ideas. Finally we released our debut single in 2009. Number of gigs here and there, in Finland and Sweden, some songwriting, more and more time spent at the rehearsals. We released a long play "Rock This" in November 2011. The album was produced by Andy McCoy.

Band's trademarks dual harmony guitars and catchy, ever-present melodies are mixed with a Northern heritage Shamanistic spirit that you can feel to your soul.

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